These 6 Things You MUST See Before You Die

Within the 6371 km radius of the planet, lives the worlds most breathtaking sights. With some of the closest depictions of world history. My sole purpose in life is to trek to the most iconic parts of the world to explore and importantly share my findings. From the most notorious mountains to the most tropical jungles, I have compiled a list of my top SIX sights across the globe that you must see during your lifetime. If I continue my hobby correctly, this list should mount to a much higher number in the upcoming years, as it becomes more and more impossible to distinguish the wondrous, to the truly miraculous awes unseen. So, in no particular order, lets begin…

img_2562 1. Taj Mahal, Aggra, India. Qualifying as one of the 7 World Wonders, deservingly. From Delhi, this sight is worth the endurance of the local bus, but bring your umbrella.. for the water coming from the ceiling…

The first time I saw the Taj Mahal was driving at a high speed on a tuck tuck one Monday evening. This huge, iconic snow white monument is hard to miss under any circumstances. I made a 3 hour (terrible) coach journey to Agra to set foot on the grounds of the Taj Mahal, built in the 17th century for the Emperor’s wife. India in itself, I could write an entire book on, as you can see in my article ‘The Unique World of India’.


This marble structured mausoleum however, is a one of a kind for any person lucky enough to come under its wrath. The gardens surrounding the Taj Mahal are beautifully kept, allowing you to walk through them and take photographs of the its famous outside structure, somewhat reminding me of a huge white palace you would expect to see as a child in Disney films. Entrance fee is cheap (I think I paid around £10), and this gains you access to the inside of the building as well as all of the gardens around it. Inside, you can discover the history of the emperors reign as well as the fantastic facts about the process in which what came to be one of the most renown buildings in the world, came to be created. The Taj Mahal is a one of a kind, gaining you access to fascinating cultural,  historical and artistic aspects of India.

2. The Winter Palace, Saint Peterburg, Russia

16806668_375227906197550_3474813797203337511_nIn February 2017 I ventured around Russia from the spectacular city of St Petersburg and then South East to Moscow. I visited in February when the temperatures were -10 degrees celsius and below. The snow lay in a thick blanket everywhere, and the canals were frozen to the point where I was actually able to walk across it.

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places to the eye I have ever seen, with its old fashioned buildings, not a lot of this place has been modernised and rebuilt since the Russian Revolution of 1917. History was always a key goal for my visit to Russia. The Winter Palace is impossible to miss, the longest building I have ever seen stretching right alongside the river. The architecture is eye catching with shades of light blue and white which seem to shimmer when surrounded by the frozen water and paths filled with thick snow.

Inside is even more spectacular, mostly untouched since it survived the Communist takeover. The walls, ceilings and floors are still painted with the


art from the previous monarchs giving aspects particularly of religion. The tours explain in detail, so if you aren’t familiar with the history in depth you can learn all about it. In particular is the room left how it was when Tsar Nicholas and his family were invaded and arrested before they were slaughtered along with their servants and children.

This place really opens your eyes and puts you on the space of a vital moment forever remembered in history influenced by Marx principles. From this to the views of the beautiful stretches of river outside, this is a MUST visit on your bucket list.


3. A Sunset on Gili Trawangan Island, Bali, Indonesia 

Many Islands boast the most beautiful sunsets, white sandy beaches and tropical weather. I have tried countless amounts of these Islands out for myself, many which have lived up to high expectations..but never have any even come close to Gili Trawangan. I had heard about this Island whilst in central Bali, and simply had to catch a boat across and check it out.

img_1327The Island itself looks like its been photo shopped to perfection. The ocean surrounding this small island is aqua bright blue, the sand surrounding it is clear white. The sky is always clear blue, and the sun is always shining its best.

One thing that stood out for me compared to other tropical islands, is the culture. This island is like England in the 1800’s. There are no vehicles on this small Island, the only way of transportation is by pedal bike, or by horse and cart. Animals are tied up outside homes such as pigs and cows.

The religion is predominantly Islam, with Muslim prayers blasted out over the entire Island on huge speakers at certain times of the day. The Island can be cycled from one side to the other in less than a couple of hours. However, be sure to dodge the horses in the road if you do this, it’s quite nerving! The food is traditional Balinese food with Tourism the only thing keeping this Island alive Italian and American food are readily available.


The sunsets over the one side of the Island and rises the other, so be sure to catch both, and go star gazing on the beach when the sun has gone down with a beer at one of the beach huts on the edge of the islands. This place has a feel of its own, like a hidden paradise! Watching the sun set with the volcano in the near distance and the surrounding islands in view is a must. The skies get super starry here too, so star gazing is a must. This place will make you appreciate breathtaking beauty to a whole new level, trust me!


4. Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, USA.

As seen in the most famous movies, and of course Friends, Central Park in the Fall is a breathtaking location to inhale. The leaves on the trees are a rainbow of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and browns. The air is crisp, the paving is lightly spread with leaves and  the sky is crystal clear. 12180137_181489428857189_900269563_n

I would recommend bringing a scarf for this one, but the sights are sure worth it.

Have a gentle stroll around Central Park, grab a coffee and have a ride on the carousel. You can even take a horse and carriage around its huge grounds which covers 840 acres. There are also many hidden unique traits about this park to keep you entertained, for example, I found a lovely place located on the park which had its own unique gaming culture. By games I mean real games, board games such as chess. The fantastic thing about this is that people go here to unwind away from one of the worlds busiest cities. Therefore, this is a great place to make friends or just simply sit down and play a game of your choice with a complete stranger away from the hectic world lying just outside, whilst appreciating the surroundings. 12809731_188625994857743_1695660382279536407_n

This park is not just any park, its extremely unique, and lies in the centre of some of the worlds biggest and most notorious buildings, many of which can be spotted from central park.

I personally chose to stay in a hotel located in Central Park, Manhattan. However, book in advance because these are extremely high demand (and often cost an arm and a leg)! If you do find you  have left it too late, theres no need to worry as the subway in New York can conveniently get you from more affordable surrounding areas with more availability for a really cheap cost.12472647_188626151524394_3551226300131406429_n.jpg

5. Gardens By The Bay, Singapore


If you get a Guardians of the Galaxy kind of feeling with this one, its because you are spot on! Used by Marvel to inspire the Guardians of the Galaxy planet Xander, this man made nature park is home to the largest glass greenhouse in the WORLD, named the ‘Flower Dome’ amd even at first glance this place is like nothing you could ever find anywhere else in the world. The huge supertrees reaching a whopping 160ft, are a priveledge to gaze up at, and can also be walked along with the bridges adapted to give torists a closer view to this fantastic infrastructure at the top.

Gardens By The Bay also includes various areas to explore such as the Cloud Forest which is home to the worlds biggest indoor waterfall. 20229268_447263728993967_2939749617233898829_n

At night time, this place puts on a show with its supertrees which come to life with song and flashing lights. Therefore, don’t miss out and make sure you come back to visit evening time.

You don’t have have nature as your hobby to visit this place. You should want to visit this place for real as it is a scenery you will never experience anywhere else in the entire world. The only one of its kind. Each section of the garden you need to pay to enter, but it is an extremely nominal fee.


6. HaLong Bay, North-east Vietnam

48391109_349914392470012_2967608997495963648_nHaLong Bay is named one of the worlds natural wonders. This magical boat trip along clear sky blue seas through huge limestone karsts and islets is an opportunity not to miss. Most places in all major Vietnamese cities offer an all inclusive tour of HaLong Bay for around £50 (for a day tour all included) or slightly more expensive for an overnight stay on the boats. I got my tour via my hostel in Hanoi (backpacker hostls are reliable and reasonably priced as opposed to purchasing from a street stand).

After relaxing and taking in the breath taking views on a boat, once arriving at the Bay
IMG_2673you can jump off into a Kayak and Kayak your way through these islets of limestone (over 5 million years old)! You can fit your way through the sea caves which take you out to isolated tropical havens and get up and close to see this world wonder in depth and detail.

48393669_2247706755508618_1256598978590408704_nI can gurantee you will end up spending time just sitting in the kayak in complete silent awe, taking in everything around you such as the huge limestone formations hovering securely above your head. This is a once in a lifetime experience, and therefore definetly one to add onto your bucket list if you want to see some re unique real world beauty!



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