Camel Chaos, North Africa

Cola drinking camels, vast deserts including the world famous Sahara, cute little markets and white sandy beaches. That is my trip to Tunisia, North Africa. After arriving in Tunisia, I first took a coach to Sousse in the central east of the country, this took about 2 hours. Upon the journey to Sousse, you can … Continue reading Camel Chaos, North Africa

These 6 Things You MUST See Before You Die

Within the 6371 km radius of the planet, lives the worlds most breathtaking sights. With some of the closest depictions of world history. My sole purpose in life is to trek to the most iconic parts of the world to explore and importantly share my findings. From the most notorious mountains to the most tropical … Continue reading These 6 Things You MUST See Before You Die

Two Time Traveller in Thailand

Bangkok is the ultimate city. The city that never sleeps. Filled with glistening lights sitting on top of high rise buildings. From above the roads look like messy spaghetti illuminated from the shine of street lamps and multiple vehicles racing to their destinations. You can see this view from Bangkok’s tallest hotel the 88 floor … Continue reading Two Time Traveller in Thailand

Fighting Ferocious Fuji

                                                                   3:55am August 24th is a memorable moment for me, as I took a sigh of relief at the final station of Mount Fuji. There we waited for the sunset with only about 65% oxygen. The circle of life scene from the Lion King came to mind for me. The sky turned red and bright … Continue reading Fighting Ferocious Fuji

HOSTELS. Travellers Hell or Heaven?

A huge fear for first time travellers is the dreaded sound of hostels associated with cheap living. Horrific living environment, dirty beds, and a lack of privacy? Wrong! Throughout my travels I have stayed in a countless number of hostels. This particularly applies for slightly more expensive countries to live, for instance, Korea, Singapore and … Continue reading HOSTELS. Travellers Hell or Heaven?